OHSU BioLibrary Research Repository


The OHSU BioLibrary is a research repository protocol approved by OHSU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) in late 2008. Starting as a collection of tissues leftover from clinical procedures, the BioLibrary is now among OHSU’s largest collections of clinical data, tissue, blood, and other biospecimens reserved solely for research use.

The resource is operated by the OHSU Knight BioLibrary and sustained through the philanthropic donation of biospecimens from our research participants. While any OHSU patient can allow tissue leftover from a clinical procedure to be retained for use in research (more information here), your consent to participate in the OHSU BioLibrary goes beyond this by allowing:

  • The collection of additional biospecimens such as blood and saliva
  • The retrieval of data and specimens from other medical institutions and research studies
  • Referrals to other IRB approved studies for which participants may be eligible

Participation is open to most persons able to provide informed consent, including minors with permission from a parent or guardian.

Interested in becoming a donor?

Please review the Repository Consent Form to learn what’s involved.

Those wishing to participate or learn more should contact a BioLibrary Study Coordinator by calling 503 494-9648, option #1, or emailing .

We look forward to assisting you with:

  • Questions or concerns regarding the OHSU BioLibrary
  • Provision of enrollment documents
  • Recording enrollment decisions
  • General questions regarding biobanking and biorepositories at OHSU

Thank you for your interest in the OHSU BioLibrary!