Translational Oncology

Speeding new cancer treatments with collaborative teams

Translational Oncology is a multi-disciplinary program that transforms scientific discoveries into clinical applications that improve treatment, survival, and quality of life for people with cancer.

Research Themes

1. Finding new targets for therapy

We validate new therapeutic targets using a biological understanding of molecular abnormalities, pathways that lead to cancer invasion and metastases, interactions of cancer cells with the microenvironment, and mechanisms of resistance to current therapies. We develop novel agents targeting these pathways.

2. Advancing clinical studies

We design and implement clinical trials with the goal of improving survival and quality of life. Our high-priority trials include drugs targeting tumor intrinsic molecular abnormalities, the tumor microenvironment, and immunotherapy agents. We design our studies to understand how best to use these agents, which patients are likely to respond, why resistance occurs and how to circumvent resistance.

Program Leaders