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Your contributions to the Casey Eye Institute allow our doctors and staff to undertake research, provide patient care and acquire the most advanced equipment. We appreciate your support and remain committed to the highest standards of eye care.

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For more information on how to give, please call the development office at 503 228-1730.

Built On Support

Casey Eye Institute at Oregon Health & Science University is a world-class resource in your own backyard. Our mission is to provide exceptional eye care in an environment that combines education, research, clinical leadership and service to our community.

Casey Eye Institute was built with the gifts from people like you. Each year, the generosity of thousands of individuals creates new ideas and hope. We have a long tradition of community support that includes the Oregon State Elks Association and the family of James and George Casey, founders of United Parcel Service. The support of generous individuals has helped shape and promote Casey's excellence.

Ways To Give

Casey gratefully accepts outright gifts as well as deferred or planned gifts.

Outright gifts: Your outright gift of cash or certain other assets can be either unrestricted or designated to support a specific area. You can give your gift now or pledge to pay it later. Pledges can be fulfilled in one lump sum or in installments over a period of years.

Endowment gifts: OHSU’s endowment is a pooled fund invested and managed for perpetual growth by financial

Planned gifts: A range of financial vehicles are available to donors interested in making a deferred gift to benefit the Casey Eye Institute.