Clinical Trials

Individuals diagnosed with a genetic eye disease may be a candidate for a clinical trial using gene therapy. OHSU Casey Eye Institute is internationally renowned for its outstanding research and patient care services for inherited eye disorders, including leading-edge investigations like gene therapy clinical trials. 

Casey is conducting more gene therapy clinical trials than any other institution in the world and is the first to test this groundbreaking approach for several inherited disorders of the retina. We enroll study patients from across the United States and throughout the world. Findings from some earlier studies of gene therapy are encouraging, and show that the treatment was safe and helpful for vision. 

Gene therapy is a new treatment intended to help people with specific genetic diseases of the eye. The appropriate treatment of individual cases varies greatly depending on the patient's medical and surgical history. The information expressed on this website is not medical advice. It is meant only to inform health care professionals and patients about the current status of gene therapy treatment, research and related services and activities at the Casey Eye Institute. Before making any medical decisions, patients are advised to consult with their own doctors. 

If you have questions about a diagnosis or wish to see one of our doctors in the Ophthalmic Genetics Service, please contact us to make an appointment at 503-494-8386. 

Participating in a Clinical Trial

If you wish to get involved with our clinical trials, please review the criteria for each study and have your genetic test already completed with a diagnosis from a physician. You may then call or 503-494-0020 or  us to start the evaluation process.

Referring Providers

If you wish to refer a patient to a clinical trial, submit your referral and patient records here.