Adult eye care

About the Comprehensive Ophthalmology team

Comprehensive ophthalmology is a term used to describe eye doctors who look at all parts of the eye. If you have issues with your eyes, start by seeing someone on the comprehensive ophthalmology team who can determine whether or not you need to see a specialist. Specialists focus on a specific part of the eye, like corneas or retinas, or specific diseases, like glaucoma. Most people can visit a comprehensive ophthalmologist for all of their eye care needs, but some people require additional care from a specialist on one of our specialty services teams. In that case, your comprehensive ophthalmologist will know who you need to see and refer you to the correct specialist. The comprehensive ophthalmology team in Portland sees adults at our South Waterfront location by the Willamette River. We also have comprehensive ophthalmologists in Astoria, Hood River, Longview, The Dalles and Vancouver, Washington.