Information for vision screeners

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Broken Glasses

Watch this video to see why it is critical to replace a child's broken glasses as soon as possible. 

Why screen preschoolers for eye disease?

Because 80% of learning in the first 12 years comes through vision, visual impairments and eye diseases that go undetected in children have unnecessary negative impacts on their development. In this video, learn more about the importance of early vision screenings.

What does it mean if your child is referred by a vision screening?

Children who are referred by a vision screening need to be seen by an eye doctor for a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Many vision problems like amblyopia, a common vision disorder that affects more than 11,000 children in Oregon alone, can be successfully treated and even reversed if detected before age 7.

The gift of sight

The Elks Children's Eye clinic has been providing eye care to children for over 64 years, which has all been possible because of the generous financial and volunteer support of the Oregon State Elks. Since 1949, the Oregon State Elks have donated over 25 million dollars as well as thousands of hours of service.

Plusoptix vision screening

Using photo screening technology, a scientifically proven screening method for preschool children, refraction, pupil sizes and corneal reflexes are measured instantly.

Immediate pass or refer results are provided to the screener. The aim of the Elks Preschool Vision Screening program is to prevent developmental delays and permanent vision loss by early detection.

Representative Williamson, Oregon State Representative, on vision screening

Jennifer Williamson sponsored House Bill 3000, which is a new law requiring every child to have had a vision screenings before entering public school for the first time.