What to expect on the day of surgery

Your surgeon’s clinic will ask you to arrive at our Marquam Hill location approximately one hour before the scheduled start of your surgery to allow our team to prepare you for surgery. The registered nurse in the preoperative area (preop) will assist in the preparation, which includes changing into a hospital gown, getting vital signs, reviewing medical history, and starting an IV. The IV helps the anesthesia provider give sedation medication and keep you comfortable during surgery. 

In addition to your preop nurse, you will also meet the anesthesia team, your surgeon, and the registered nurse from the operating room. The surgery team in the operating room will include the surgeon, their assistants, the anesthesia provider, the operating room nurse and a scrub technician or scrub nurse who assist with sterile instruments and equipment. You may be slightly sedated or asleep during surgery. Our skilled team of professionals work together to provide effective care, while keeping you comfortable during surgery.

After surgery, the surgical team will bring you to the postoperative area (postop), where the postop registered nurse will assist with your recovery. The nurse will assess your needs and prepare you for discharge from the Casey Eye Institute. Following surgery you will receive detailed instructions about proper postoperative care, activities, and follow up care. We are committed to treating each patient as a unique individual. 

When the patient is your child

Casey the Elk

OHSU Casey Eye Institute Perioperative Services strives to make every pediatric patient feel like the most important child in the world. Reducing anxiety and creating a welcoming environment is a top priority. Each child having surgery at Casey Eye Institute receives a “Casey the Elk” stuffed animal and a handmade blanket, generously donated by the Oregon State Elks Association. 

Your child will be prepared for surgery in the preoperative (preop) area. Children may receive a medication before surgery that will help decrease discomfort and make them sleepy before going to the operating room. The anesthesiologist and preop nurse will discuss these options and give more explanation to parents before surgery. After surgery, the postoperative nurse will closely monitor your child (1:1 nurse to patient ratio). The nurse will call for parents when your child wakes up from sedation. We recognize that family-focused care is very important, and we will demonstrate this as a priority through our actions. The staff at the Casey Eye Institute strive to create a positive experience for the entire family.