Casey Reading Center

Anatomical and functional clinical research

The Casey Reading Center is a team of talented physicians, scientists and staff who are focused on partnering with sponsors to ensure the highest level of quality and insight is derived from clinical trials. Since our initial inception in 2009 we have developed FDA-compliant standard operating procedures and quality assurance measures determined to be "best in class" by external auditors. This quality allows us to offer the most sophisticated analysis platforms available in ophthalmic imaging and functional assessment. 

Pre-trial support 

  • Clinical trial design and Endpoint development 
  • Development of clinical site manual of procedures 
  • Certification of clinical sites 

Trial Support 

  • Internal validation of key grading criteria across modalities 
  • Clinical site support 
  • Real-time sponsor and CRO access to clinical trial reads and reports 

Post-Trial Support 

  • Sponsor-tailored data outputs 
  • Research 

Contact Casey Reading Center 

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Phone: +1 503-418-2189