Functional endpoints

Since the inception of the Casey Reading Center, expertise in the the development and interpretation of functional studies has been at the forefront. With luminaries such as Richard Weleber, M.D., leading the charge, we have excelled in utilizing these endpoints in studies of retinal degenerations.  


The Casey Reading Center excels in developing, training, and certifying sites to perform these studies in a standardized fashion to be used across individual sites in a multicenter trial. Full-field electroretinography (ERG) and multifocal ERG studies can be analyzed and read by the CRC. 

Visual fields and Microperimetry 

Visual field and Microperimetry testing strategies can be highly varied, and a forward thinking design of the best protocol for their acquisition is critical for efficient and meaningful experience for the clinical trial subject. Furthermore, standardized interpretation and reporting are key for Sponsor to gain insight into the effect of the intervention. The CRC excels at the development and execution of these functional studies. As part of the research mission of the CRC, advanced analysis techniques have been developed by Travis Smith, Ph.D., for use in better understand functional findings in the face of anatomical data. 

Travis Smith research example