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The OHSU School of Dentistry's Orthodontic clinic is committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic treatment for children and adults. Services are provided for correction of relatively minor to the most severe orthodontic problems. Our clinic is a state of the art facility that overlooks downtown Portland where we provide treatment using traditional or esthetic (white) braces, as well as clear aligners. To become a patient, we have daily screenings (initial exams or consultations) to evaluate your treatment needs. For more information, please look here:

More information on Orthodontic Patient Screening and Costs

In some situations movements involving all teeth may not be necessary and limited treatment will provide a satisfactory result. When you have a screening appointment, the orthodontist will recommend if full or limited treatment is best for you or your child and whether braces or clear aligners are options.

More information on Orthodontic Limited Treatment

If you wish to schedule a screening, or if you have questions related to orthodontic treatment at OHSU, please call our clinic at 503 494-8921 and select option 2

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Phone: 503 494-8921