Why Choose Us?

Why Choose OHSU Dermatology As the state's only academic health center, OHSU provides patients many reasons to choose us:

OHSU provides the highest quality patient care

OHSU doctors — among the top in their specialties — collaborate as a team to provide the highest level of care for patients. We offer patients a heightened level of expertise, knowledge and advanced care that only an academic health center can provide.

OHSU provides expertise not found elsewhere in the state

At OHSU, you have access to specialists and subspecialists. A subspecialist is a doctor who works or studies within a narrow field of a specialty, such as a dermatologist who focuses mainly on caring for patients with psoriasis, or one who mainly focuses on uncovering the chemicals and allergens that cause contact dermatitis.

Dermatology ResearchOHSU is the place more doctors turn to for patient referrals

More doctors in the community choose to refer to OHSU for their complicated patients than any other facility. Our programs are built around the concept that a multidisciplinary approach — specialists and subspecialists in different fields working together — is the best for patient care and for treating complex diseases. When it comes to specialty care, referring doctors know that OHSU is the smart choice for their patients.

OHSU conducts research that creates breakthroughs and makes a difference

OHSU doctors have been part of many scientific discoveries of new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. In addition to basic scientific research, clinical research trials and other studies are conducted at OHSU that continually enhance the quality of health care in the region and beyond. Patients benefit from the increased knowledge that research provides.

Dermatology EducationOHSU doctors teach tomorrow's doctors

OHSU has a longstanding commitment to teaching the next generation of doctors and other healthcare professionals. Tomorrow's doctors are guided by a team of experienced doctors who are themselves world-class researchers, clinicians and educators who stay up to date on the latest discoveries, treatments and advanced technology.