Dermatopathology Services

Dermatopathology Services

OHSU Dermatopathology provides expert dermatopathology services to support dermatologists, family practitioners, pathologists, obstetricians/gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and many other physicians with expert, accurate and efficient diagnosis of skin-related conditions and diseases. 

With the opening of our full service histopathology lab in 2011, we now provide tissue processing, slide preparation and diagnostic interpretations. In addition to routine and stat service for H & E and special stains, we provide both Direct and Indirect Immunofluorescence staining and interpretation (view full testing menu). We provide results within 24 hours for most biopsies, offer scheduled and stat courier service in the Portland area, and provide no-cost FedEx services for our out of town clients.

When you choose OHSU for your patients’ diagnoses, you choose peace of mind. You can rely on OHSU dermatopathologists to provide accurate diagnosis, the first time. Dermatopathology director, Kevin White, M.D., along with Veselina Korcheva, M.D., and Stephanie Mengden-Koon, M.D., are board certified and fellowship trained internationally-recognized expert dermatopathologists. Lynne Morrison, M.D., is an expert immunodermatologist with over 20 years of experience.

Immunofluorescence testing

Dr. Lynne Morrison provides both direct and indirect immunofluorescence testing.

Skin or mucosal specimens for testing must be sent in Michel's Transport Medium and accompanied by a requisition form. Both the form and the transport medium will be provided at no cost.

For more information or to start immunofluorescence referral services, contact the OHSU Dermatopathology Department at 503-494-5245 or at . 

Please send specimens to:

OHSU Department of Dermatology

Attention: Immuno Lab, Rm.5205

Mailcode CH5D

3303 SW Bond Ave

Portland, OR  97239