Dermatopathology Laboratory

Laboratory Services

In 2011, OHSU Dermatology built a state-of-the-art histopathology laboratory, designed from the ground up specifically for dermatopathology services. Our laboratory enhances the expert diagnostic services that we have provided since 1979 by giving us the ability to produce a customized lab product specific to skin diagnoses. In addition, having an in-house laboratory has allowed us to decrease the time for results - now on average 18-24 hours for routine cases.
Dermatopathology Laboratory

Our laboratory technicians have worked with our dermatopathologists to utilize customized methods and procedures to meet the specific requirements requested by our board certified physicians so we can ensure the highest quality product is produced every time.

Whether you choose to read and diagnose your tissue samples, or have our dermatopathologists read and report their diagnosis, our slide preparation quality is a priority. In addition to Hemotoxylin and Eosin (H & E) staining, we also offer a broad range of special stains and immunohistochemistry. Click here to view our full dermatopathology testing menu.

Steps to utilize our laboratory services

If you would like to send us a specimen for slide preparation or for original diagnosis, please call us at 503-494-5245 to establish service. We offer routine and stat pick-up service within the entire Portland Metro and selected surrounding areas and offer complimentary FedEx service for those outside of our courier area. We also provide all of the supplies you will need for sending samples. A completed requisition form is needed and includes the referring physician’s name, phone and fax number, the patient demographics and insurance information and the date and site of the biopsy, including clinical context.

Your results

Our expert diagnosis is documented in a customized and thorough report that will be delivered to you by fax, in most cases within minutes of completion. Reports can also be sent by mail or accessed online through OHSU Connect.

OHSU Connect

If you refer patients to OHSU you can get easy, online access to your patient’s medical record. With OHSU Connect, you’ll have secure, HIPAA-compliant, web-based access to OHSU’s electronic medical record - EPIC. 

Through OHSU Connect, you’ll have real-time access to: 

  • Lab results, imaging reports, progress notes, discharges summaries, and other medical documentation 
  • E-mail notification of select patient activity (e.g., ED visits, abnormal lab results, admissions)  
  • Secure messaging with OHSU medical staff 

OHSU Connect is available to all referring providers and their staff. To learn more, visit

Immunofluorescence testing

Dr. Lynne Morrison provides both direct and indirect immunofluorescence testing.

Skin or mucosal specimens for testing must be sent in Michel's Transport Medium and accompanied by a requisition form. Both the form and the transport medium will be provided at no cost.

For more information or to start immunofluorescence referral services, contact the OHSU Dermatopathology Department at 503-494-5245 or at

Please send specimens to:

OHSU Department of Dermatology

Attention: Immuno Lab, Rm.5205

Mailcode CH5D

3303 SW Bond Ave

Portland, OR  97239


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