Contact Dermatitis and Occupational Skin Disease

To refer a patient to the Contact Clinic

  1. Fax the patient’s chart notes to the clinic 503-494-1228 (fax)
  2. Have the patient call 503-418-3376 (voice) to schedule an appointment in the Contact Clinic.

    Please note:
    • The Contact Clinic is a tertiary referral clinic. We prefer that patients have been seen by a dermatologist prior to being referred to our clinic. Patients should only be referred to the clinic if they are thought to have a contact allergy.

    • We DO accept Workers Compensation cases and Independent Medical Investigations.

    • We appreciate if the patient is provided with the following information before scheduling an appointment. These facts will be reiterated when the patient is scheduled, but it really helps in the patient has an understanding of the comprehensive nature of this process.
      1. The Contact Clinic requires three different appointments in our office over the course of a week. The patient will not be allowed to get their back wet during this time period.
      2. Contact Clinic appointments can take a lot of time.
      3. We are generally scheduled out about a month.
      4. New patients in the Contact Clinic are only seen Monday and Wednesday afternoons.