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Dermatology Scheduler

Medical/Pediatric dermatology:


Surgical dermatology:

or toll-free: 888-482-SKIN
Fax: 503-346-8103

Due to federal confidentiality regulations, we may not answer any clinical questions through e-mail.

If you would like to review the information regarding our physicians, please see the Find a Dermatologist section of our web site.

Insurance registration

I am a new patient:

If you are new to OHSU, you will need to register as a patient prior to your appointment. Contact registration at 503-494-8505 or 1-888-222-6478, extension 8505.

I am a returning patient:

Has your insurance changed since your last visit? If so, please call ahead.

I am not billing my insurance for services:

Self-pay patients also need to register to have an account that indicates self-pay so the charges are billed correctly. Self-pay payment is made at the time of service.

Appointment information

Please bring your insurance card so we can make a copy.

If you are a new patient:

A patient questionnaire will be sent to you before your first appointment. Feel free to print out the questionnairePDF Icon and fill it out now, and then bring this to your appointment. For pediatric patients, please use the pediatric questionnairePDF Icon.

For patients who need a physician referral or authorization from their insurance:

Some patients' insurance requires that the patient obtain a referral or authorization or the company will not pay for medical services. If you have questions, contact your insurance company.

If you need authorization, please bring your referral/authorization information with you to your appointment or please have your physician's office fax this to our managed care coordinator at 503-494-1228. If your insurance requires you to obtain an authorization or referral and you do not have one at the time of the visit, you will need to register as a "self-pay" patient.

Payments are made at the time of service:

If you are not covered by your insurance for this visit, you need to register for your appointment as "self-pay" prior to your appointment. Payment is due at the time of service. Also, be prepared to make any payments or co-payments.


You can get directions through a menu-driven hot-line at 503-494-1390 or for written directions, see Maps and Directions.