Storrs Endowed Fund

An extraordinary opportunity

Frances Storrs, M.D.Frances J. Storrs, M.D., professor emeritus of dermatology, has established an amazing legacy within the medical community, the field of dermatology and the city of Portland. The OHSU Department of Dermatology and Dr. Storrs' friends and peers are proud to present an opportunity to honor Dr. Storrs for  her many groundbreaking and remarkable accomplishments.

With so many great physicians in the dermatology specialty, it is truly amazing when one noticeably shines so brightly. Dr. Storrs is such a person, which is why the department is so excited to raise $1 million for the Frances J. Storrs, M.D., Medical Dermatology Endowed Fund. Our goal is to create a professorship in her name.

While this professorship will be only the second named position for a female physician in dermatology across the country, and the first named professorship in the Department of Dermatology at OHSU, this is more than just a great honor for a great woman. This is a deserved honor for a wonderful physician, talented researcher and inspiring mentor of so many young physicians, both male and female.


Distinction in medicine

The specialty of dermatology and OHSU have been the fortunate beneficiaries of Dr. Storr's dedication. She blazed a trail right from the outset, as the first female resident accepted in the OHSU dermatology training program by Walter C. Lobitz Jr., M.D. Her passion and tireless dedication to evidence-based medicine gained her immediate respect and she moved quickly into prominence as a faculty member and expert in her chosen sub-specialty of contact dermatitis. Her determination as a clinician and educator brought about discoveries of new allergens in the workplace and new therapeutic options and paved the way for her peers to nominate her for important leadership roles in dermatology, contact dermatitis and medicine overall. This dedication has made her a sought-after visiting professor, with requests from nearly every continent.

She's received more than 30 awards from every area in which she has dedicated herself; from medicine to women and civil liberties, including the AAD's Master Dermatologist Award, the OHSU Humanism in Medicine Award, the City Club of Portland's Citizen of the Year, and the American Contact Dermatitis Society's Alexander Fisher Lectureship Award, to name just a few. In recognition of her lifetime commitment to mentoring women in dermatology Fran received the Women's Dermatology Society's most prestigious honor, the Rose Hirschler Award. And, she was also awarded the AAD's highest honor, the Gold Medal in 2009.


An impassioned mentor

Following in the footsteps of her esteemed mentor, Walter C. Lobitz Jr., M.D., Fran has also distinguished herself through unwavering commitment to and passion for the education of young people. But Fran's legacy has been built on more than just her commitment to individuals; her mentorship is sought because of how she lives her life. Her enduring commitment to ethical behavior, her industrious challenge of what is known, and her unmatched enthusiasm for every aspect of life, make people around her want to be better people, better doctors, and generally, to enjoy life in a deeper way.