OHSU’s dermatopathologists, Kevin P. White, M.D., Veselina Korcheva, M.D. and Stephanie Mengden-Koon, M.D. provide highly specialized and respected services for the OHSU community, providers around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Lynne Morrison, M.D., provides immunofluorescence testing.

A dermatopathologist is a highly-trained physician who specializes in diagnosing diseases of the skin in the pathology laboratory.

Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of both dermatology, the diagnosis and treatment of the skin, hair and nails, and pathology, identification of diseases by studying cells and tissues under the microscope.

Dermatopathologists must first be board certified in dermatology or anatomic pathology. They then receive additional training in an accredited fellowship training program for at least a year.

Dermatopathologists are the most qualified doctors to interpret skin samples, as the interpretation of a skin biopsy is not simply another laboratory test. Dermatopathologists provide a consultative service for your provider by analyzing clinical information in conjunction with the observations they make through a microscope. Therefore, a dermatopathologist's expert and precise interpretation of biopsy specimens of skin becomes a crucial factor in the selection of appropriate therapies by your doctor.