Mole Monitoring Clinic

Susan Tofte, MD

Patients are usually referred to this clinic because they have a personal history of melanoma or atypical nevi (moles), a family history of melanoma, or numerous moles. Our goal is to provide expert care and high quality photographs to effectively follow moles for changes that could indicate development of a serious skin cancer called melanoma.

We have trained providers who are expert in recognizing atypical lesions and who can do a thorough total body skin cancer screening exam. In Addition, we offer the option of having a high resolution, digital photography session called DermSpectra™ Skin Imaging. These photographs are used by your clinician and yourself to monitor changes in your moles over time.

What is the DermSpectra™ Skin Imaging System?

It is a standardized device used to photograph the skin. Nine high-resolution cameras with optimal lighting and consistent positioning allow for the creation of high quality photos that can be replicated in subsequent visits to look for changes in the skin. The photos are not used for diagnostic purposes, but as a means to monitor skin lesions. The photo-booth gives you privacy and is operated by a trained medical technician. This replaces the lengthy and costly session with a medical photographer.

What happens during the photography visit?

We have a private room for you to disrobe and enter the booth. You can choose the amount of clothing to wear. Some patients prefer to wear undergarments, however this will obscure some of your skin. The recommendation is to wear as little as possible or remove all clothing and undergarments for the best possible photographs. We also ask if you have longer hair to wear it up, remove all jewelry and come in without make-up.

An instructional video will play and take you through seven poses. At the end of the session, we give you a USB drive with your photos to take with you and share with your provider. If you are a patient at OHSU, the images become part of your medical record. These photos are not reviewed by a provider at the time they are taken. You will need to make an appointment to review the photos and have a skin check at a later time.

How long does the photography visit take?

We ask that you plan for one hour. The photography portion takes about 20 minutes. 

How much does the DermSpectra™ session cost?

$150 is due at the time of service. Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted. At this time, it is not billable to insurance.


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to your appointment.