War on Melanoma™

Watch out melanoma, we're teaming up to get you.

Why do we need a War on Melanoma™?

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We need to take decisive action – this enemy can be deadly. We need to enhance awareness – it is difficult to recognize this devious foe, and just as hard for doctors and scientists to combat aggressive types. We need to unite in order to support research and technological advances to successfully detect and treat melanoma. We need to honor those that have fallen and to establish a peace corps-like army of volunteers to help us educate and reach individuals and populations at risk for melanoma.

WE NEED YOU to help us "get the intel," to answer questions and help us beat melanoma. Why are melanoma rates higher in some states, like cloudy Oregon, than more sun-drenched states like Arizona? Is there a "healthy" amount of sun exposure? Does it matter what climate you grew up in versus where you live now? Are there any genetic similarities between melanoma and other cancers that might improve treatments and survival?

Join the Melanoma Community Registry to contribute to finding these answers! By joining the Registry you can answer survey questions to provide information to researchers, receive research updates, notification of upcoming melanoma events, volunteer opportunities and more!


Under the "shade" of the War on Melanoma™ umbrella, we are devising a War Plan:


War on Melanoma War Plan

There will be a number of research studies, educational campaigns, and opportunities to hear from and speak with melanoma researchers. Some examples are: completing surveys on sun behaviors and exposure, providing samples for genetic tests to understand melanoma better or find targets for new drugs, participating in clinical trials involving drugs or imaging technologies, and involving entire families to understand genetic traits that might give rise to melanoma, to name a few. You might be interested in providing feedback on educational materials or presenting it in your communities. You might want to test and provide feedback and data on our new iPhone app, Mole Mapper. Through our Melanoma Community Registry, we will hold forums to learn from researchers and let them learn from you. There is much that needs to be done. Fight with us.

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Help support research, outreach, education, advocacy and other activities related to skin cancer within the OHSU Dept of Dermatology and the Knight Cancer Institute.

Watch Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D., chair of the OHSU Department of Dermatology, discuss the melanoma program at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and her approach to research.