Neurosurgery iMRI suite

OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is nationally recognized for excellence in neurosurgery. We offer the highest level of expertise, surgical skill and child-dedicated technology. Services include:

  • Comprehensive, team-based care for pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors.
  • Integrated care for scoliosis, spina bifida and other spine conditions.
  • Minimally invasive techniques for treating Chiari malformation and tethered cord.
  • World-class expertise in treating epilepsy and hydrocephalus, including a technique that frees some patients from needing a shunt.

Our specialists

Our pediatric neurosurgeons are among the nation’s best, with rigorous training at top U.S. children’s hospitals. They have expertise in the specific needs of children, providing advanced care for a wide range of conditions. Our team also includes pediatric nurse practitioners who specialize in neurological surgery.

Our approach

Doernbecher’s neurosurgery specialists are part of collaborative teams. They work with experts in pediatric neurology, neuro-oncology, neuropathology, endocrinology, radiation oncology, support services and other specialties. This ensures that all your child’s needs are addressed at each phase of care, from diagnosis through rehabilitation.

Neurosurgery goggles

The latest technology

Doernbecher has the West Coast’s only intraoperative MRI suite focused on children. This leading-edge equipment enables our neurosurgeons to take scans during surgery for extraordinary precision in treating tumors, epilepsy and other conditions. 

We also offer world-class skill and technology in neuroendoscopy, high-definition imaging and computer-assisted navigation. Our pediatric neurosurgeons treat complex hydrocephalus, epilepsy, tumors and other conditions with pinpoint accuracy. 

Doernbecher has the region's only pediatric skull base team, which uses minimally invasive endoscopy to remove some pituitary and other brain tumors through nasal passages. In addition, we have rare expertise in a type of surgery for hydrocephalus that frees some patients from needing a shunt.

Bloodless surgery

OHSU offers bloodless surgery for those seeking an alternative to blood transfusion because of religious, medical or other reasons. Read more about this option and our Patient Blood Management Program.

Conditions we treat

We offer expert surgical care for a wide range of conditions, including: