Doernbecher Cancer Survivorship Program

Carson, Kids Cancer Survivor

Here to help you live the best life possible after childhood cancer

We provide comprehensive care and support to childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors.

We are the most comprehensive survivorship program in the state of Oregon.

We help cancer survivors and their healthcare providers: 

  • Understand any ongoing effects of cancer or cancer treatment
  • Manage medical, social, emotional and educational issues related to cancer and treatment.
  • Provide education regarding potential health issues that may be related to surviving childhood cancer

We see patients at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

At appointments, our multi-disciplinary team reviews our patients’ needs and help them with life concerns such as:

  • Living with the long-term effects of cancer treatment 
  • Fertility concerns
  • Emotional challenges 
  • Cognitive function and education
  • Work and employment 
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Information and resources for healthy living  
We see kids, teens and adult survivors of childhood cancer, who have been off treatment and cancer free for at least two years. All ages welcome.

Your treating physician may refer you to the Survivorship Program or you can call us and make an appointment. Survivorship appointments are typically covered by insurance.