If your child has high cholesterol, you are not alone.  An alarming number of children are found to have high cholesterol each year. We provide your child the most advanced and complete treatment for kids with symptoms of high cholesterol.

What are lipids?

Lipids are naturally occurring substances such as fat, oil or wax, that do not dissolve in water. The lipids that affect cholesterol levels in children are fat cells found in the blood. At Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, we specialize in simple and advanced treatments for children with high lipid levels/high cholesterol.

Is High Cholesterol in Children Harmful?

It is well understood that high cholesterol in adults is a risk factor for developing heart disease or stroke.  We now know that children with high cholesterol are at higher risk of developing heart disease or strokes as young adults.

How Can High Cholesterol in Children Be Treated?

High cholesterol levels in children can be lowered by eating a balanced diet consisting mostly of low-fat and high-fiber, unprocessed foods, and getting regular exercise. Doernbecher pediatric specialists can help your child learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which lowers kids’ risk of heart disease.

View our healthy eating and lifestyle resources from our Healthy Lifestyles Clinic.

Why Doernbecher Children's Hospital?

We are the only pediatric hospital in the region specializing in the care of children with high cholesterol. Your child will receive access to the most advanced treatments and the nation’s best pediatric experts, because at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, we believe that every child deserves the best.


Laurie Armsby, Pediatric Cardiologist at OHSU Doernbecher in Portland OregonOur team of pediatric cardiology specialists includes Dr. Laurie Armsby, who evaluates and cares for children with high cholesterol. Other providers include Doernbecher dietitians who specialize in childhood nutrition, obesity and high cholesterol. Call 503 346-0640 to Make an Appointment.