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Our Doernbecher story - Kaden and Kory

Kaden-and-Coryby Heidi Albright (Kaden and Kory's mom)

When I was 19 weeks pregnant with our twins, Kaden and Kory, my doctor discovered that I was at risk of a miscarriage. After doing some research to find the best perinatologist for high-risk pregnancies, I decided to go to OHSU for my care and delivery.

My doctors at OHSU recommended I stay in the hospital to help prevent premature delivery. I was in the hospital for 35 days when we could not delay the birth any longer. My doctor performed an emergency C-section. The twins were born 15 weeks early and weighed two pounds each.

Kaden and Kory spent the next 105 days in the NICU at Doernbecher. I can’t put into words what we went through the first few weeks. Kory had collapsed lungs and had to have a tube inserted into his chest seven times. 

Kaden had heart and hernia surgeries. Both boys endured eye surgeries and numerous infections. We were told Kaden and Kory would have an 85 percent to 90 percent chance of having cerebral palsy, but the boys are 18 months old now and doing fine. We owe so much to Doernbecher for helping our boys beat the odds.

Throughout our whole ordeal, the NICU staff was phenomenal. The doctors and nurses went out of their way to listen to our concerns and really encouraged us to get involved. And they spent so much time teaching us how to care for our tiny babies and all their special needs. By the time the boys were stable, we were able to do so much of the care giving ourselves. That made a huge difference.

Now, when I take the boys back to visit everyone at Doernbecher for their follow up appointments, it’s like visiting family.

Kaden-and-Cory   Kaden-and-Cory

– Heidi Albright