For Providers

Here for You and Your Patients

Doernbecher provides comprehensive medical and surgical services, and is the only ranked pediatric urology program in Oregon. We are committed to providing the best possible service for you and your patients.

Checklist for Referrals

To expedite service for your patient, please fax:

  • Complete the Referral form including all insurance and demographic information and check the box “urology"
  • All final urine cultures and urinalyses from birth to present
  • All urologic diagnostic imaging reports with the facility’s name.
  • Insurance referral if one is required
  • We do NOT need growth charts and immunization records

Urgent Referrals

Same day appointments are available for patients living in Multnomah and surrounding counties.

Hematuria Referral Criteria

Definition in the absence of other urological problems: microscopic UA with at least 5RBC/HPF on three different dates at least one week apart.

UTI referral needs

Please send all prior urine lab results from past infections and chart notes about symptoms and treatments, and any prior urology imaging.

PLEASE NOTE: Doernbecher Urology does not provide routine newborn circumcisions. The following Doernbecher providers do perform newborn circumcisions: