Didactic and Clinical Conferences

Weekly Conferences

Monday8:30-9:30am Clinical sign-inNoon-1:00pm KCVI TOFS
Tuesday10:00am-Noon Ped Card Fellows Didactics  
Wednesday8:30-9:30am Echo ReviewECG/Nadas Review  
Thursday8:00-9:00am Pediatrics Grand Rounds
Echos with Dr. Kelly 
Friday7-9 am Med/Surg Conf 1:00-2:00pm EP Session

  1. Clinical Sign-in, Mondays: All in-patients and active out-patients on the cardiology service are presented by the weekend fellow on-call. Mandatory.
  2. Medical/Surgical Conference, Fridays:  Our combined cardiology/ cardiothoracic surgery conference reviews all patients scheduled for surgery during the following week. This includes a brief patient history, imaging and catheterization data and a discussion of the planned procedure. Next, patients scheduled for catheterizations during the following week are briefly reviewed. Lastly, patients considered for surgery, or patients with complex clinical issues are discussed. The fellow assigned to the conference month presents all echos shown at the conference. The catheterization data and images are presented by the fellow involved in the procedure, or the faculty if no fellow assisted. Mandatory.
  3. Pediatric Cardiology Fellows Conference, Tuesdays:  A rotating curriculum providing comprehensive coverage of pediatric cardiology topics during the three-year fellowship. Echo, EP, Cath and outpatient cardiology topics are presented weekly by faculty.
  4. Basic Sciences / Physiology Seminar, Fridays:  This is an excellent educational experience organized by the Adult Cardiology Service and staffed by Adult Cardiology, Basic Sciences, and occasionally Pediatric Cardiology staff. The topics vary on a 3-year rotational basis. Fellows are expected to participate in the review of articles.
  5. "TOFS" Conference, Mondays:  This conference is designed to be a research conference for presenting new or preliminary data. It is attended by fellows, graduate students, and staff from Adult and Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Basic Science Divisions. The forum offers an excellent exposure to the variety of research being done within the institution.

Monthly Conferences

  1. Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology Interventional (Cath/Surgical) Morbidity and Mortality Conference, Monday, 4-5:30 p.m.:  A detailed review of cardiac catheterizations or surgeries.  Patients are presented by the fellows along with a detailed literature review.  Mandatory.
  2. Pediatric Cardiology Journal Club, Tuesday, 12-1 p.m.:  Articles reviewed from major cardiology journals.  Several articles are selected and moderated by a faculty member with fellows presenting the papers. Emphasis is placed on achieving an evidence-based practice of medicine and arriving at a consensus statement among the group members. Mandatory.
  3. Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology Specialty Series, Friday, 12-1p.m.:  Monthly presentations encompassing specific areas of interest and expertise by members of the congenital cardiac program.  Mandatory.
  4. Non-invasive imaging Morbidity and Mortality:  Every other month, patients presented by faculty, fellows, and sonographers along with a detailed literature review.