PCRO Current Trials

Current PCRO Studies

The PCRO is currently working with more than 60 active protocols, which include:

Metabolics: 20

PIs: Dr. Jean-Paul Roullet, Dr. Bob Steiner

Hematology/Oncology: 12

PIs: Joann Deutsch RN, Dr. Michael Recht, Dr. Evan Shereck

Endocrinology: 07

PIs: Dr. Bruce Boston, Dr. Cheryl Hanna, Dr. Daniel Marks, Dr. Katie Woods

Pulmonology: 06

PIs: Dr. Mike Wall

Nephrology: 05

PIs: Dr. Amira Al-Uzri, Dr. Randy Jenkins

Neurosurgery: 01

PIs: Dr. Nathan Selden

Sleep Disorders: 01

PIs: Dr. Kyle Johnson

Psychology: 01

PIs: Dr. Darryn Sikora

Critical Care: 01

PIs: Dr. Miles Ellenby

Infectious Diseases: 01

PIs: Dr. Judith Guzman-Cottrill

Neurology: 01

PIs: Dr. Colin Roberts