Representative publications

Articles for Everyone

Reiss, L.A.J. and Turner, C.W. (2014)Turning pixels into pictures. A short article written about Hybrid electro-acoustic cochlear implants for the Hearing Health Foundation. Also see blog about the article here.


Selected peer-reviewed publications

Reiss, L.A.J., Ito, R.A., Eggleston, J.L., Liao, S., Becker, J.J., Lakin, C.E., Warren, F.M., and McMenomey, S.O. (2014) Pitch adaptation patterns in bimodal cochlear implant users: Over-time and after experience. Ear. Hear. In press.

Tanaka, C., Nguyen-Huynh, A., Loera, K., Stark, G., and Reiss, L. (2014) Changes in residual hearing in a normal-hearing guinea pig model of Hybrid cochlear implants. Hear. Res. 316: 82-93.

Reiss, L.A.J., Ito, R.A., Eggleston, J.L., and Wozny, D.R. (2014) Abnormal binaural spectral integration in cochlear implant users. J. Assoc. Res. Otolaryngol., 15(2):235-48.

Reiss, L.A., Turner, C.W., Karsten, S.A., and Gantz, B.J. (2013) Plasticity in human pitch perception induced by tonotopically mismatched electro-acoustic stimulation. Neuroscience, 256: 43-52.

Reiss, L.A., Turner, C.W., Karsten, S.A., Erenberg, S.R., Taylor, J., and Gantz, B.J. (2012) “Consonant recognition as a function of the number of stimulation channels in the Hybrid short-electrode cochlear implant”. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 132(5): 3406-17.

Reiss, L.A., Lowder, M.L., Karsten, S.A., Turner, C.W., and Gantz, B.J. (2011) “Effects of extreme tonotopic mismatches between bilateral cochlear implants on electric pitch perception: A case study”. Ear Hear. 32(4):536-40.

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