Research Internships

A Leading Scholarship Available for United States Medical Students Intending a Career in Otolaryngology

Established in 2010, the OHSU Medical Student Fellowship in Otolaryngology and Auditory/Vestibular Neuroscience supports a 10-week period of research in otolaryngology and auditory/vestibular neuroscience at Oregon Health &Science University (OHSU) and residence expenses in Portland, Oregon. One fellow will be selected annually. 

As of 2019, this fellowship is only open to OHSU medical students.

Individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups as well as individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Specific dates for the internship will be coordinated between the research mentor and student, but the internship must be completed within one year of the award. 

This fellowship is supported by the Everts-Smith Education Endowment.

How to apply: Interested students should download and fill out the Medical Student Application Packet 2019 and submit by mail or email along with a CV, essay, Dean's letter and two letters of recommendation to Dr. Timothy Hullar, MD (, Director of the Medical Student Fellowship, by Friday, February 22.

Applicants will be informed by March 15 regarding their applications.

Previous Ed Everts medical student fellows


  • Jimmy Chen, Oregon Health & Science University.  "Outcomes measurement afterfacial nerve reanimation through photo and video analysis". Mentor: Dr. Myriam Loyo
  • Daniel Russo, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine, "A tissue clearing technique that enables visualization of the developing mouse inner ear by microinjection of water-based paint". Mentor: Dr. John Brigande


  • Conor Kelly, Medical College of Georgia. "Vascular density changes in the spiral ligament after cochlear implantation". Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


  • Bahir Chamseddin, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, "Spatial audition and effects on balance". 
    Mentor: Dr. Timothy Hullar


  • Eduardo Carrera, University of Colorado School of Medicine: "Effect of audition on balance".  Mentor: Dr. Timothy
  • Ali Sawani, University of Central Florida College of Medicine, "Factors affecting loss of residual hearing following Hybrid cochlear implantation".  Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


  • Byron Etta, Oregon Health & Science University, "Ototoxic drug trafficking through mechanoelectrical transduction channels and across the blood-labyrinth barrier".  Mentor: Dr. Peter Steyger
  • Christopher Lewis, Oregon Health & Science University, "Bactericidal efficacy during otoprotection, and localization of lipopolysaccarhide within the cochlea". Mentor: Dr. Peter Steyger


  • Kayce Spears, Oregon Health & Science University.  Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


  • Pouya Yaghmaie, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Jacob Wester, Oregon Health & Science University