Our Partners

Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery - Research Partners

As we do research, we work with other departments and groups to create the best research projects we possibly can. Sometimes those groups are within OHSU, like Neurosurgery, the Knight Cancer Institute, and Pediatrics, and sometimes we go outside OHSU to work with sponsors like Cochlear Americas or a medication company. This page provides you with a little information about some of our partners in research. 

National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) - partnered with the Veteran's Administration Rehabilitation Research and Development organization, the NCRAR does a tremendous amount of research on hearing, ears, brain and ear/hearing connections, and so on. Its goals are to meet the needs of current and future veterans, specifically to work with veterans for:

  • rehabilitation of blast-related and noise-induced auditory injury (hearing problems caused by blasts, and noises)
  • Rehabilitation strategies based on plasticity of the central auditory system (treatments and therapies for hearing problems)
  • Tele-health and web-based audiological services and programs.
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