OHSU Audiology Program

The Audiology Service is a team of highly qualified people who are at the University Hospital and Clinics at OHSU. Our team provides state-of-the-art hearing assessment and rehabilitative services for children and adults.

We can help any person who:

  • is worried or has questions about their hearing or the hearing of a loved one
  • is having difficulty understanding conversation in certain situations
  • is exposed to loud noises
  • has ringing (tinnitus) in the ears
  • has significant hearing loss and would like to explore the option of a cochlear implant
  • would like to obtain devices to protect their hearing
  • needs an audiologist to speak to a group about current and future technology for the hearing impaired individual, can benefit from our services.

We provide a full range of patient care and education, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, hearing tests, and educational information or presentations for classrooms.

Patient care

  • Diagnostic hearing tests for children and adults
  • Inpatient audiometric evaluation
  • Hearing aid fitting using "Real-Ear" technology
  • Hearing aid evaluations
  • Hearing aid fitting and follow up
  • Custom earplugs for protection from noise and water
  • Listening devices
  • Comprehensive cochlear implantation program
  • Vestibular (inner ear) testing, diagnosis and treatment
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)

Cochlear Implant services - read more

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Tinnitus services (ringing ears) - read more


Make an appointment

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, our providers often need to review chart notes related to your hearing loss, or the hearing loss of your child in order to coordinate any additional tests we may need in order to make the most of your visit.

Sometimes, we require a referral from your primary care physician. We are happy to discuss this with you to ensure we have all we need to expedite the scheduling process.


We can also answer questions by phone or e-mail before scheduling an appointment with you.

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