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The Primary Care Experience

A visit to OHSU Primary Care is the start of a personal relationship that will last a lifetime. We make a special effort to understand our patients' health histories, their family responsibilities and the things that are important in their lives. We respect our patients' beliefs, values and cultural needs. With us, the whole family gets the care they need; we treat babies, children, adolescents, adults (including moms-to-be) and seniors. Partnering with OHSU Primary Care also means you have access to the best specialists at OHSU and within your community.

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Patient-Centered Primary Care

As your primary care provider, we will:

  • Put you at the center of your plan
  • Respect your unique needs, culture, values, and preferences
  • Work as a team of providers, medical assistants, and care coordinators to get you the services you need, when you need them
  • Think of the whole picture when it comes to your wellbeing
  • Offer after-hours help and alternatives to the Emergency Room

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