How You Can Help

Cardiovascular disease  remains the world’s #1 cause of death. At OHSU, we’re investigating the causes  of heart disease at the molecular level — so we can detect disease earlier,  create targeted preventions and save more lives.

With your support, our scientists  can ramp up our efforts to prevent heart disease and stroke through advances in  vascular biology, high-resolution molecular imaging and cutting-edge diagnostic  technologies.

Preventing disease.  Correcting it early. There are no surer, faster ways to save lives from a  preventable killer.

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Assisting patients in need

The Knight Cardiovascular Institute Patient Assistance Fund was established in 2015 in memory of Melissa Saner. In its first year, the fund helped over 40 of our patients with groceries, gas, rent assistance and more while they received care at OHSU.

Honor Melissa by helping those who are living with cardiovascular disease and the financial burdens they face every day. Contribute today through the OHSU Foundation. Donate here