About the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute

Changing the course of cardiovascular disease toward cardiovascular health. That’s the focus of every physician and researcher at the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute. We are an evidence-based institute dedicated to creating new ways to attack cardiovascular disease from every angle, at every point in a person’s lifetime.

Learn how Phil and Penny Knight's $125 million gift established the Knight Cardiovascular Institute

About OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute

Making heart disease history

The modern era of cardiology began at OHSU.

Skeptics at first balked at revolutionary breakthroughs created at OHSU such as angioplasty and the artificial heart valve, but the statistics don't lie. Half as many people die from heart disease today than 50 years ago. But it is still the nation's number one killer.

The OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute aims to leverage everything we've learned and accomplished in the past 50 years to drive innovations that ultimately eliminate the burdens of cardiovascular disease.

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