We believe that the integration of clinical care and research expands the possibilities of cardiovascular health.

The Knight Cardiovascular Institute is an integrated center for translational research, clinical care, professional training and outreach in all aspects of heart and vascular disease. Areas of innovation include cardiovascular imaging, cardiovascular device design, cardiac surgery and transplantation, and epigenetics - the study of fetal origins of chronic adult diseases.

Under the umbrella of a multi-disciplinary institute, researchers and clinicians collaborate together to bring the latest knowledge and cutting edge care to our patients, including:

  • A national leader in studying the developmental origins of disease, such as how certain factors in the prenatal environment can make people more susceptible to heart disease and obesity, our experts work towards understanding the origins of cardiovascular disease and providing tailored treatment
  • Sanjiv Kaul, M.D., developer of the powerful microbubble-based myocardial contrast echocardiography (MCE) technique, directs the West coast's only program that uses microbubble technology to detect early heart attacks
  • Teams of researchers are identifying the genetic and biochemical underpinnings of heart valve defects, vascular disease, rhythm disorders and other potential targets for drug therapies
  • Scientists across OHSU are identifying biological markers and promising drug candidates for treatment of cardiac and stroke damage

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