Clinical Trials

The OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute is involved in  dozens of cardiovascular clinical trials. This means you have access to  more treatments for cardiovascular conditions than anywhere else in  Oregon. We're studying the risk factors for heart disease, cutting-edge  treatments and prevention techniques, as well as the latest technology  used to combat heart failure and genetic heart diseases.

It  is possible that during your appointment you will meet with a clinical  research coordinator, or your provider may discuss a clinical research  opportunity with you. If you are eligible to participate in one of our  ongoing studies we will discuss this with you.

Interested in a clinical trial?

There are many clinical trials open for enrollment at the OHSU Knight  Cardiovascular Institute. If you are at risk or currently being treated for heart disease you can search the list below to find out if  there is a program that you may benefit from.

Feel free to contact the KCVI clinical trials team for any information regarding current or upcoming clinical trials.

Phone: 503-418-1964