Our Team

The Adult Cardiac Surgery Program at OHSU cares for patients as a team. Using this approach and with the patient at the center of the team, surgeons, physicians assistants, nurses, anesthesiologist, critical care physicians, and other specialists work together to treat patients with cardiovascular disease.


Ed Dyer, M.D.

Advanced practice providers

Kris Cox
Nicole Dwyer
Corey Fry
Stacey Lawrence
Cynthia Melean
Bob Myers
Laura Richter
Josh Squires


Cynthia Perez, R.N., 8CSI director
Kendra Fowler, R.N., Cardiac surgery operative head
Alla Komarova,  R.N., 11K head nurse


Jwana Ibsies, Interim chief perfusionist
Matthew McGuire, C.C.P.
Dustin Coles, C.C.P.
Christine DiSabato, C.C.P.
Brent Fare, C.C.P.
Autumn Papritz, C.C.P.