Labeling Requirements

In order to ensure positive identification of patient samples 2 identifiers are required.  OHSU sample labels MUST include the following minimum information: full patient name and medical record number or date of birth or other unique identifier.  All samples must include date and time of specimen collection on the outside of the collected specimen.  For outside referral samples, full patient name, date of birth and/or social security number must be written on the specimen and the requisition.  Additionally, Transfusion Medicine Service specimens and requisitions must have the signature of the person collecting the blood in addition to the date and time the specimen was drawn.  The information on the sample label and on the requisition (which prints directly to Transfusion Service) must match exactly.  

Samples not meeting the labeling requirements will not be tested and the sender will be notified.

Additional information needed for proper processing of samples is: time and date of collection and source when appropriate.

See also:  Specimen Labeling (HC-PC-188-POL,  MANUALS / Provision of Care Manual / Patient Care).