Patient Story - Shoulder and Elbow

Lynn P.

In February 2005, I slipped on a floor and fell on my right shoulder. Doctors told me I had a frozen shoulder or needed a shoulder replacement. Nobody took much time to talk to me or explain my options in detail. I heard about Dr. Adam Mirarchi through a friend and drove up from Eugene to see him. At the time, my shoulder was bone on bone. Only wearing a sling made the pain bearable, and I had tried everything. Dr. Mirarchi did an MRI and then sat with me like I was his only patient that day. He went over the MRI with me and told me I needed surgery, and why.

My best friend, a surgical nurse, promised to stay with me in the hospital and take care of me afterward. Dr. Mirarchi gave me his email address. Every day or two, I sent him questions and always got a response. The surgery was successful, but I had some atypical side effects from the nerve block. In the hospital, the whole team came together to check on me. Even though my reaction was unusual, Dr. Mirarchi decided to remove the nerve block, and within the hour I was feeling better. He paid attention to me and did what he thought was right for my unique situation.

Later, each member of that team wanted to know how I was doing, how were my side effects. They kept me in the loop at every step, giving me as much credit as everyone else on the team. The last time I saw Dr. Mirarchi, he excitedly called in his colleague and said, “Look at her!” to share how far I had recovered.  I can now raise my arm straight up in the air. He’s a terrific physician, technician and master surgeon. I worked in health care for 11 years, and met all kinds of physicians. Dr. Mirarchi is pretty extraordinary to be able to bring people close to him and assemble a team that gives total care. I am so grateful he was there for me.