Sports Medicine

You need to keep moving. Whether you're an athlete or recreationalist of any age, or you work in a physically demanding job, an injury will stop you in your tracks.

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OHSU has the region's most comprehensive sports medicine program, which means our team of specialists takes care of all of your active lifestyle needs, from injury prevention to surgical and non-surgical treatment to rehabilitation.

You don't need a referral to see an OHSU Sports Medicine specialist. Call for an appointment today: 503 494-4000

The Sports Medicine team

Sports Medicine providersWe coordinate your care in a way that’s best for you and your needs. Our team is made up of surgeons, physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, athletic trainers and imaging specialists.
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Dr. Jim Chesnutt and Dr. Dennis Crawford with patientTreatment options

Our goal is to successfully treat your injury or condition so you can return to your physically active lifestyle. Since OHSU is an academic and research center, we're nationally-recognized for our advanced treatment options and access to the latest medical technology.
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Concussion testing and treatment

Soccer players heading ballOHSU's Sports Medicine team provides specialized testing and management of sports-related concussions with the goal of minimizing long-term effects and safely returning athletes to sports and other activities.
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High school football gameHigh school athlete program

Teen athletes are at a high risk for injury in competitive sports. Our sports medicine team partners with high school coaches, athletes and parents to prevent injuries and provide effective care.
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Running tips & resources

Woman running on paved pathBe active, but be safe. From dynamic stretching routines to common running injuries, we offer a range of running resources. Although tips are helpful, they are no substitute for the personalized care our sports medicine doctors, trainers and physical therapists provide.