Research and Training

Research and Training

As part of Oregon's only academic health center, the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation is educating the next generation of healthcare professionals and researching new treatments and cures.

Orthopaedic training programs

Our training programs create medical professionals who are self-motivated lifelong learners, caring and effective clinicians, committed educators and dynamic researchers.


OHSU's Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation research programs emphasize research that can go from the lab to the clinic and general population.

  • Brian Johnstone - Basic and translational studies of stem cells and their differentiation into skeletal tissues for repair and regeneration with an emphasis on articular cartilage tissue engineering, and enhancing spinal fusion.
  • Lynn Marshall - Epidemiologic and clinical research on musculoskeletal conditions, identifying risk factors for musculoskeletal conditions.

Support OHSU Orthopaedics

You can make a significant impact on our ability to train the next generation of specialists, advance patient care, and develop new knowledge through research.

We are building on a legacy of excellence that spans Richard Dillehunt, M.D., and Leo Lucas, M.D., to Lawrence Noall, M.D., and Rodney Beals, M.D., to our current department chair, Jung Yoo, M.D. Your personal gift is a vital part of this legacy and will help us advance the future of Orthopaedics.

Visit our Giving Opportunities page to learn more about the funds that support our educational, training and research missions and how your donation can help.

Beals Memorial Seminar

The Beals Memorial Seminar is an annual event established in honor of the late Dr. Rodney K. Beals, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Orthopaedics at OHSU. The seminar includes research presentations by the chief residents and presentations on orthopaedic issues and treatments by OHSU faculty and guest speakers. See videos and photos from previous seminars.