OHSU Advantages

  • Excellent clinical education
  • Early operating room experience
  • Great one-on-one learning environment
  • Great camaraderie among residents and family support network
  • Very good fellowship placement
  • Good research opportunities in both clinical trials and basic science
  • Fun, active lifestyle outside of the residency
  • Portland is a great place to live.

Spouse Support

Our spouses have formed a close group to provide support for each other. For example, several couples have had babies in the last few years and the spouses of the other residents have taken turns preparing meals for the family with the newborn. Spouses also get together for book clubs and other social events. 

Pay Scale 2018-2019

PGY-1            $57,600
PGY-2            $59,200
PGY-3            $62,000
PGY-4            $65,000
PGY-5            $66,900