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Oregon Health & Science University
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Research Pharmacy Services
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Krista Wolf, PharmD
Brooke Bernard, PharmD
Sara Koth, PharmD
Rebecca Hodgson, PharmD
Ben Kong, PharmD
Helen Lu, PharmD
Maggie Ryan, PharmD
Lisa Janssen Carlson, PharmD 
Aimee Kelly, PharmD
Jaime Migdalene, CPhT
Carol Tagorda, CPhT
Anthony Jones, CPhT
Ryan Miller, CPhT
Kayla Taft, CPhT
Mary Webster, CPhT
Venessa Zendejas, CPhT
Evan McKenna, CPhT

Research Pharmacy Services (RPS) at OHSU aims to achieve safe and responsible handling of medications.  The main purpose of the research pharmacy is to maintain control and accountability of research medication use in the care of OHSU research subjects in order to provide maximum benefit and safety for those participating in each study.

In addition to our role in the safe use of investigational medications in subjects, we serve as a resource for investigators and their staff.  RPS staff serves as collaborators in the planning of research protocols to ensure the feasibility of implementation.

RPS manages research medications for a wide variety of research protocols in many medical fields and specialties, from oncology, women's health, metabolic and genetic disorders, pediatrics, neurological disorders, and many others.  Investigational agents overseen by RPS include drugs, natural products, vitamins, biologics, and gene therapy.