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StoryCorps and transgender health care experiences

StoryCorps has partnered with OHSU to bring to life the stories of OHSU patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and volunteers. In celebration of International Transgender Day of Visibility 2018, the Transgender Health Program and the Patient Experience department hosted a StoryCorps recording event. We'd like to share two stories, Tobin Cox with Amy Penkin and Molly Palmer with Melissa.

Tobin, StoryCorps participantTobin Cox, an OHSU employee and Transgender Health Program (THP) volunteer, sat down with Amy Penkin, the THP supervisor, and reflected on their experience as a new employee in the midst of a transition they were not ready to talk about at work. Listen to Toby and Amy's conversation

Molly Palmer and her wife, MelissaMolly Palmer sat down with her wife, Melissa, and they reflected on Molly's transition, the impact it had on her health and the strength of their love. Listen to Molly and Melissa's conversation