Amy Penkin presenting at the 2016 LGBTQ Health Conference
Program coordinator Amy Penkin, L.C.S.W., presenting at a recent LGBTQ-focused healthcare conference

Mission statement

The OHSU Transgender Health Program provides safe, comprehensive, affirming health care for the transgender and gender nonconforming communities. We endeavor to improve the community's overall well-being through education, research and leadership that responds to the health care needs of transgender and gender nonconforming people.


The vision of the Transgender Health Program was created by a group of OHSU clinicians, administrators and local community members, based on recognition of the unique healthcare needs of transgender communities. Leadership of the OHSU/Partnership Project was a key stakeholder of this group and thus the program resides within OHSU/Partnership Project.  This dedicated group of advocates secured funding in 2014 to hire a program coordinator to begin offering information, referral and navigation services to the transgender patient and provider community. The program officially launched in January 2015 with the hire of the program coordinator. In its first year, the program responded to just over 500 referrals, provided workforce education on transgender awareness to 2000 people and was at the center of policy advocacy to promote a more inclusive transgender health benefit for the Oregon Health Plan.

Diversity and inclusion

OHSU is proud to offer services to patients and their families that improve intercultural understanding and comfort of care during the patient visit. Some of the services are customized for particular cultural populations. OHSU also offers various services to its employees that increase employee engagement, community involvement and help to further the culture of inclusion at OHSU. The Transgender Health Program falls under the umbrella of diversity and inclusion through the offering of culturally responsive medical care.

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The Transgender Health Program holds a seat on OHSU's Diversity Advisory Council and participates in the Diversity Action Plan for both the healthcare and academic missions at OHSU.


The Transgender Health Program is under the leadership of its supervisor, the Program Community Meeting and the Advisory Board. The Transgender Health Program leadership embraces the voices of transgender individuals to help shape the program's development. The Transgender Health Program is housed within OHSU's Partnership Project and the Department of Care Management.

Transgender Health Program Advisory Board

This closed group is comprised of clinical and administrative leadership at OHSU, and meets quarterly to address strategic development and clinical alignment across all medical services.  

Transgender Health Program Community Meeting

This open group meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5 to 6 p.m. The meeting offers networking, discussion of transgender health topics and community resources, and reports on the monthly activities of the Transgender Health Program. Community organizations addressing the healthcare needs of transgender communities are welcome to join program meetings to offer a brief presentation about their services and activities.

Your feedback

The Transgender Health Program values feedback from community members, patients and healthcare providers. When we hear from you about what is important, we can then offer services that are best aligned with your needs. We welcome stories of success, as well as any problems or concerns that may have emerged during a visit or any other encounter. Please contact us to give your feedback.

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