Patient Transfers

OHSU Transfer Center

Transferring an adult or pediatric patient to OHSU from another hospital used to require several consults among different departments. The OHSU Transfer Center headquartered in Portland, Oregon has streamlined the procedure making it simpler to admit patients to OHSU.

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Call 1-800-648-6478 to transfer your patient to OHSU

Emergency Communication Center

The Emergency Communication Center located in Portland, Oregon fulfills many roles within OHSU, Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Emergency Medical Services, and the Northwest region. Our work environment is demanding and dynamic requiring quick transitions from one action to another.

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Trauma Communication Center

The Trauma Communication Center located in Portland, Oregon plays a pivotal role relaying information between first responders in the field and receiving hospitals.

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Medical Resource Hospital (MRH)

The Medical Resource Hospital (MRH) is a service provided by the OHSU Emergency Department for paramedics in the field. OHSU Emergency room physicians are available around the clock by radio or phone.

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