Units 8C and 13A

8C | Richard J. Mullins Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care Unit

As a Level 1 Trauma Unit and tertiary care center, the TSICU functions as an innovative, multidisciplinary, patient centered critical care unit where general surgery patients, transplant recipients and traumatically injured patients receive exceptional care. Patients come from throughout the Pacific Northwest region including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California as well as places further away . The TSICU has a dedicated resuscitation room equipped with a rapid infuser, warming device, warmed fluids and additional emergent supplies for providing the full spectrum of needed care to the most critically ill and injured patients. Our patient population consists of critically ill or complex general surgery patients, solid organ transplant recipients, as well as traumatically injured patients ages 15 years and older, suffering from a variety of injuries due to causes including motor vehicle accidents, bicycle injuries, pedestrian vs. auto encounters, traumatic brain injuries, falls, assaults, gunshot wounds, logging accidents, and ATV crashes.

The unit has a reputation for excellent teamwork and collaboration; the nurses and physicians along with other key members of the health care team work together to ensure our patients receive progressive, evidence-based treatment. Treatment plans in the TSICU are constructed in collaboration with the primary surgical team caring for the patient using evidenced based guidelines under the direction of an attending board certified in Surgical Critical Care. These comprehensive treatment plans are developed being mindful that there is no detail in the ICU that does not affect the severity and duration of the critical illness and the capacity to recover. 

Critical Response Nurse

In addition to providing intensive care, designated staff members from our trauma and surgical intensive care unit fulfill the role of the critical response nurse (CRN). The CRN responds to the Emergency Department for all trauma activations and serves as the primary nurse until a patient care plan is determined.

13A | Intermediate Trauma and Acute Care Unit

13A is an Intermediate Care Unit. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. The care team is responsible for assessing patient needs, planning and coordinating interventions to meet those needs and evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions. We also emphasize rehabilitation principles, assisting patients in transitioning from hospital to home or rehab. Daily patient rounds occur with the attending staff physician, charge nurse, case manager, surgical residents and nurse practitioner. We collaborate with the ICU to make the patient and family transition to our unit smooth and worry-free.

Our Goals: 

  • Provide innovative, specialized, unbiased, family-centered care
  • Provide continued education for our patients and staff
  • Incorporate evidence-based practices and principles into our nursing practice