Why Participate?


Impact the Future

Safe, well monitored clinical trials provide us with the data necessary to improve women’s health, but without research participants, we simply cannot conduct this research.  Your participation in clinical trials can directly influence how healthcare is delivered on a national and international level. Your participation provides the information necessary to deliver the highest quality healthcare for generations of women to come.

Low Cost Treatment and Possible Compensation

By participating in a trial, you may receive therapeutic study drugs at no cost, as well as well woman exams associated with each study. In addition, many studies provide monetary compensation.

Expert Health Care

Participants receive careful medical attention from a research team that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, and other health professionals who are leaders in their fields.

Take Advantage of the Latest Treatments

Some treatments are so new that they are not yet approved for medical use, and are available only to participants in a research study.

It's Your Choice 

If you find a trial that you might qualify for, contact us for more information about the potential risks and benefits.