Prenatal Ultrasound

Ultrasound is an important and non-invasive way for your doctor to monitor the health of your pregnancy.

State-of-the-art imaging, timely results

Our doctors have expertise in the use of high-resolution ultrasound including:

  • The most accurate first trimester screening for abnormalities offered anywhere in the state
  • Advanced second trimester ultrasound diagnosis and fetal therapy
  • High-resolution ultrasound with 3-D and 4-D technology
  • Ability to make CDs of your ultrasound

For all pregnancies

Patients with lower-risk pregnancies are regularly seen at the OHSU Perinatology for ultrasound during pregnancy because of our special equipment and expertise.

You and your care provider will decide how often you will have ultrasound screening. Typically, patients have an ultrasound screening in their first trimester and another at 18-20 weeks to check the baby’s growth, anatomy, position of the placenta, and amount of amniotic fluid around the baby (or babies). 

Most patients can have ultrasound testing on the same day as a regular prenatal checkup.

For higher-risk pregnancies

If you have a higher-risk pregnancy, your pregnancy care may include a series of ultrasounds as we keep close watch over the health and development of your baby (or babies).