Prenatal Screening and Genetics

Genetic counseling at OHSU

You and your partner may be interested in gathering information about the health of your developing baby. There are many options in prenatal screening and diagnosis. Depending on your personal beliefs and concerns, you can choose a path that is comfortable for you.

  • Genetic counseling can help you understand your risks for birth defects or genetic conditions in pregnancy. Our genetic counselors can provide information about your screening and testing options before and/or during pregnancy.
  • Screening tests gather information about the possibility of a health problem in your developing baby during pregnancy. These problems may be due to a chromosome abnormality or birth defect.
  • Screening generally poses little or no risk to your pregnancy. But not all health problems can be detected before delivery.
  • Diagnostic tests are able to tell accurately whether your developing baby has a specific health problem. There is a small risk to your pregnancy when these tests are performed.