What is an Academic Health Center?

An academic health center is more than a regular hospital. 

An academic health center:

  • Provides patients and the community with health care for everyday needs and the most specialized services for complex diseases, illnesses and injuries

  • Offers unique care not available anywhere else in the region

  • Teaches generations of health care professionals with an eye on training the right mix of providers for tomorrow’s needs

  • Develops technology and carries out research that improves lives

Why choose an academic health center?

At OHSU, we believe knowledge comes from questioning the status quo, discovering more about disease and using that knowledge to improve the health of our community. Out of more than 100 academic health centers in the U.S., we are the only one in Oregon. Nearly a third of Oregon’s practicing physicians did all or part of their training at OHSU.

We bring teams of physicians, nurses, researchers, teachers, technologists and other experts together all in one setting to advance health care in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It’s an approach called multi-disciplinary care.

All these resources, knowledge and learning gleaned from all of us are all for one person: you.

What can an academic health center offer me?

  • Board-certified doctors in all major specialties, working side-by-side to provide all-encompassing care, 24/7

  • The latest discoveries in medicine sooner; many are made right here at OHSU

  • Opportunities to participate in clinical trials

  • Traveling clinics and telemedicine technology delivered to rural sites around the state

  • Doctors well-versed in the latest treatments, technologies and innovations to treat patients and educate doctors for the future.